• Still living in Germany/Darmstadt
  • Still no pets
  • Massively enjoyed Rotterdam
  • Still in love


  • Enjoyed the “Margrit”-Schirn-Meetup
  • Enjoyed the “Peace”-Schirn-Meetup
  • Enjoyed the Schirn exhibition “Splendor and misery in the Weimar Republic”
  • Enjoyed the “Tiger Palast”-Show
  • Massively enjoyed the great street art in Rotterdam (
  • Visited “DaCapo” here in Darmstadt
  • To Be continued …


  • Wrote a lot of Java-Code (Backend Calculations)
  • Wrote some Kotlin-Code (Backend Calculations)
  • Wrote some C#-Code (Uploading/Downloading Tool)
  • Wrote a lot of VBA-Code (XML-Converter)
  • Wrote a lot of Javascript-Code
  • Bent Filemaker
  • Wrote some Go-Code (HTTP-Service)
  • Tried a lot of Javascript frameworks e.g. React, Vue, Angular
  • Wrote a sh*tload of React-Components
  • Still wanting to do more “design” stuff
  • Still wanting to write Apps
  • “Dockerized” some services

Best gadgets 2017:

  • Bose QC35
  • Kindle Paperwhite

Worst gadgets 2017:

  • Apple Watch
  • iPhoneX

Best series:

  • Stranger things S02
  • The Crown S02

Worst series:

  • Sense8
  • Orphan Black

2018 Goals:

  • Get my shit together and work towards my B.Sc. degree (CS)
  • Develop (more) Apps
  • Write more
  • Get back into 3D
  • Get back into Designing things
  • More Linux
  • (Re-)Learn (more) music theory
  • Work on
  • Leave Darmstadt
  • Have fun, stay healthy & smile more often :-)

Early reading list:

  • Job related: Programming Rust, Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!
  • Rivers of London (Highly recommended!)
  • Hit Refresh